The logo of the Institute was designed by the artist Marianne Ewaldt ( in Salzburg (Austria) according to the directions of Dr. Nesci and Dr. Averna who asked her to draw a labyrinth into a tree of life (usually a tree of life or a stone or another lunar symbol was put at the centre of labyrinths). Actually, the tree of life is evocative of the placental imago. In the logo, by reversal, the tree becomes the container of the labyrinth, which is another image of the placental imago, and the whole double image of labyrinth and tree is contained by an oval shape which can be easily associated to the womb as well as to the brain’s hemispheres. Significantly, this ambiguity (brain/placenta) returns also in the interpretation of the unconscious meaning of the creation of man in the ceilings of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo, according to a paper published on the December 2007 issue of the online Institute’s scientific journal “Doppio Sogno” ( From this perspective, looking at the logo of the Institute, one can have a feeling of what it is like to enter the meanders of the infinite possible free associations of every psychoanalytic experience.