The International Institute for Psychoanalytic Research and Training of Health Professionals was incorporated in Rome, Italy (July 1999) as a non profit organization by Domenico A. Nesci M.D. (psychoanalyst, IPA), his wife, Simonetta Averna M.D. (gynaecologist, SIEOG), and Tommaso A. Poliseno M.D. (groupanalyst, COIRAG). The Institute aims at developing new research programs in the most neglected areas of Medicine, Health Psychology, and Ethnopsychoanalysis as well as new psychoanalytic training settings and formats, in order to enhance the quality of relationships between members of all categories of health professionals and their patients. At the roots of the idea of giving life to the Institute was the reaction of Dr. Nesci to the collective disavowal of the poison ordeal of Peoples Temple, in the aftermath of the death ritual acted out on November 18, 1978, in the jungles of Guyana, by a large group of about 900 people. Since then, Dr. Nesci thought that Psychoanalysis should dedicate itself not only to individual problems but also to social issues, and focus, specifically, on those areas which are most neglected for their uncanny nature, which is able to trigger unconscious collective defence mechanisms. At the moment the Institute’s activities are focused on Psycho-Oncology, complicated grief, and the study of pregnancy and prenatal life (including prenatal and perinatal loss, post partum depression, infertility/sterility and the psychological impact of the new reproductive technologies), Psychogeriatrics, Multimedia Psychoterapy.